Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a store?

We currently have a showroom in our home in Lititz, PA (Lancaster County) open by appointment. Contact us to schedule a visit. You can also browse all currently available items in our Etsy shop.

Do you do custom work?

Yes, we love custom work! Use the Contact Form to reach us or send us an email at Tell us a little bit about your item, your vision for it, and send photos if you have them.

I have furniture I'm trying to sell. Are you interested in buying it?

It's possible! Send us an email at Please include photos, asking price, and location of item(s).

We're cleaning out my grandmother's house and she has lots of really cool antique and vintage furniture. Do you want it for free?

We love you! Depending upon the location, we may be able to come take a look and make your clean-out easier and faster. Send us a message using the Contact Form. Tell us about what items you have and location. You can also send photos (if you have them) to

Are you on Facebook/Etsy/Pinterest?

Yes, Yes, and Yes! And we would just love if you Liked us on Facebook, Browsed our items on Etsy and Followed us on Pinterest.

What does the name, Sweet Parsley Home, mean?

When we bought our first home in 2012, we dug a garden in the backyard. One of us planned out the garden, sketching the plot and buying plants and seeds accordingly; while the other took their own approach. He went to the supermarket and bought a piece of sugar cane. Upon returning home he went out to the garden and stuck the sugar cane in the ground, just to see if it would grow. The first person, upon seeing this, exclaimed, "But that's where the parsley's supposed to go!" So we planted both and thus began Sweet Parsley Home.